With a successful recruitment season in 2018, we welcomed home over thirty new members into our sisterhood, and we can not be more excited to participate in the 2019 UBC Sororities’ Formal Recruitment. Recruitment is a thrilling experience for our chapter because it brings the excitement of a new year, strengthens our sisterhood, reminds us of our values and why we joined Gamma Phi Beta.

Currently, registration is not open for the 2019 season. Check back here for updates or on ubcsororities.com.

Tours: Date TBA 2019

Invitationals: Date TBA 2019

Preference: Date TBA 2019

Bids Day: Date TBA 2019

Recruitment Process: 

1. Tours

Girls looking to join a sorority come out either the Wednesday or the Thursday and meet all the sororities here at UBC for a brief period of time.

2. Invitationals

You will be invited back to meet again with up to five sororities for a longer period of time.

3. Preference

The last part of your decision! You will have the chance to attend an hour long party for up to 2 sororities. After this day you will rank the sororities you saw. The most fun part comes next!

4. Bids Day!

This is the day when you will receive your bid (invitation to membership) and discover which sisterhood will be your new family at UBC!